6 Reasons You Should Always Back Up Data

Fri, Feb 15, 2013   03:18 PM

«Why do I need to worry about backup?», you might think. Ashlee Harsh from HowMuchIsIt.org invites us to consider the possible problems with the lack of data backup, and leads simple and very good reasons. As to avoid losing your business or career…

Data backups are absolutely important. Words are not enough to describe just how important it is for people to back up their data. Unfortunately, many people still ignore its importance and would often find themselves learning the importance of data backup the hard way. Below are some of the reasons which would hopefully convince you to start finding ways on how you can back up your data:

To spare your data from viruses

Viruses can get into your computer anytime without a warning. If you do not set aside some backup for your data, you will be at risk of getting your files infected. Not to mention the fact that viruses can do many evil things to ruin not just your files but your computer as a whole. Even if you claim that your computer has a reliable anti-virus software, this does not mean that your data are hundred percent protected.

To enable full recovery of your files

Some people rely on only one backup for their data only to find out that 100% of their files cannot be recovered completely. This is the reason why you need to have more than one backup for your data to ensure that you can still retrieve all of it. Make sure as well to conduct regular test or check up for your backup systems to ensure that every data you stored is safe and can be retrieved.

To avoid being deleted

Backing up your data is a crucial thing to do especially when you are sharing these files with anyone in your network. Since you cannot have complete control on all the users in your network, chances are there will be somebody who will accidentally delete your data. Thus, backing it all up will greatly spare from such big trouble.

To avoid data from being corrupted

Many people make the mistake of relying solely on DVRs, CDs, and DVDs for their data backup. In turn, when they unintentionally lose or break these things they no longer have any other means of restoring their data. But, if you make it a habit to have more than one forms of data backup, you will less likely to have difficulty in retrieving your files when something bad happens to one of your backups.

To avoid problems caused by power outage

Leaving the computers on hibernation mode may put your hard drive at risk of being damaged caused by power outage or any interferences caused by bad weather. However, if you have a very reliable backup system your data will be safe and secure no matter what happens and no matter what the weather will be.

To avoid losing your business or career

Losing a data may not be such a big deal especially if everything is just for entertainment, and no crucial information is involved. However, if you have a business or career which entails keeping a lot of confidential information from clients, investors, suppliers, etc., losing a file could also mean losing your job or the future of your business.

Ashlee Harsh works for HowMuchIsIt.org — A collection of cost helping guides that can show you what the many things in our life cost.

Thanks to the author, the article is great!

It should be noted, backup scheduling helps avoid many of the problems with data loss. E.g. Handy Backup is an automatic backup software that allows you to organize and customize virtually any backup scheme.

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