Why Use Cloud Storage?

Fri, Apr 05, 2013   05:46 PM

Ben Jones, a tech writer, described benefits of using online cloud storage services. Here is why in details.

Don’t bother reaching for an umbrella when people start talking about clouds, chances are they mean the popular online tool. Because, over the past few years, cloud technology really has changed the way we use computers. Even though it’s been around in some form for years, it’s not been until the recent widespread usage that cloud technology has taken off. And with big brands such as Apple, Google and Microsoft all using cloud storage these days, the popularity of this particular tool shows little signs of slowing down.

Some businesses have been wary of cloud technology and there are certainly things to consider before you leap blindly into this. But there’s now such a variety of different storage options on offer, there’s something to suit whatever you or your business needs. So, here are some of the basic benefits of cloud storage.

Location, Location, Location

Remember back to the days when you work on an important document, only to leave it in the wrong place, usually saving and storing it on a desktop at home? Well, with cloud storage, you can wave goodbye to this headache inducing problem. By its very mechanics, information saved in the cloud is accessible beyond one particular computer.

Take, as an example, a small cloud storage system. All it needs is one data server with an internet connection. When the cloud subscribing user opts to save files via the cloud, it works by copying these files and sending them via the internet to the data server which records this information. Then, when it comes to getting the files back, all the user has to do is to access the data server via the web-based interface or local client. And the files are then sent back to the user.

What this means for the average user, is this: files can be stored in a central place but can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection and data server. So all the relevant information, whether that be client forms or business documents, are at your fingertips. And if you’re looking for one of the best advantage to using cloud storage, then this is it.

Share and Share Alike

By storing information like this, it also makes it easier to share. For instance, previously documents were created, edited and saved by an individual on one machine. And if you wanted to share a certain document, it was usually sent via email. This could end up with multiple versions of the same document, creating potential mistakes and confusion.

With the cloud, however, this is removed. One document exists and when it comes to sharing it is down via the cloud. This streamlines work and cuts down on the potential for confusion.

Paper trail

Then what about all that paper. From invoices, tax returns, receipts and employees information, businesses, and more specifically their owners and employees can drown in a sea of paperwork. Yes, a good filing system can help but it won’t streamline and save your time to the same extent that cloud storage can. And using it has been invaluable to some businesses, saving not just time but also helping to grow businesses.

Now, given the growing popularity of cloud storage, there are plenty of options now available. Some companies offer tempting money saving deals. But don’t just go by money. Because when it comes to storing data off-site, the most important aspect is the security: how safe is what your data? Get feedback on user and business experience and if in doubt there’s plenty of advice online with experts.

Author Bio:

Ben Jones is a tech writer sharing experiences and investigations into the world of social media, online backups, “the cloud” and web hosting. Follow him on Twitter or Google Plus.

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