Determining Your Computer Backup Needs

Mon, Apr 29, 2013   01:25 PM

Todd Smith wrote an amazing article why it is so important to find backup software that is worth the money.

In this digital age, it is very important to make sure that your files are backed up and protected. Because no matter how diligent you are, nor how good your virus protection software is, there is always a small chance of corruption or loss of data. The loss of data may not even occur on the virtual end. There could be some sort of natural disaster or fire that renders your machines useless.

That is why it is so important to invest in good backup software to protect not only your important financial information but also to protect your memories.  The key to finding the best backup software is to choose the one best suited to your needs. Whether you are a business owner, a home based employee, or someone looking to protect their information, you will have different needs to be addressed by the software. It is also important to find backup software that offers not only physical backup onto another drive, but also online backup. This way, there is always a second, protected copy of your information that is available to you, even if something were to happen to the secondary drive.

So now that you know what you need in software to keep your information safe, now you can begin to decide what sort of information that you will protect with your new backup software. While most everyone will choose to back up their financial information, there is other important information and documents that should be backed up alongside your financial information to make sure you are fully covered.


While you may not need to store every bill that comes through your home or office each month, it is useful to keep a digital record or scan of a utility bill on hand, and update it every few months. There are many businesses and organizations that require proof of residency and utility bills are the easiest way to prove where you live. Having them saved in an online backup means that you don’t have to do digging through shoe boxes of papers just to find them.

Birth Certificates and Social Security cards

These two identification documents are some of the most requested when it comes to forms of identification in the United States. Because of their importance, people have begun carrying these documents with them either in their purse of wallet, or just kept in a drawer at home. But this is not recommended; it can leave you open to identity theft. The safest place for your birth certificate and social security card to be is in a locked safe, or a safety deposit box at a bank. With the use of online backup, you can have a printable copy of this information on hand at all times, alleviating the need to visit the bank to get the documents, or worse to keep them on you.

Tax Returns

One of the more obvious items that benefit from being backed up both physically and digitally is you and your company’s tax returns from previous years. While this information is important to have access to, especially from a business standpoint, they can often take up quite a bit of space in a physical file folder or in an office. Having online backups of this information allows you to have an in depth record of tax returns from years past, without taking up huge amounts of space in your home or office.


In this age of digital photography, storage needs are changing.  Less film, fewer negatives, fewer actual photographs, etc.  With the constant improvements in digital cameras and cell phone cameras, most photos never even have a physical print. That is why it is so important to have backups of all the important photos. Cell phones are phone to being dropped and broken as well as corrupted with very little warning. Using backup software regularly will allow for these precious memories to be safely put away, no matter what happens to the medium in which they were taken.

Profit and Loss Statements

Another important document at tax time each and every year for businesses both big and small is the profit and loss statement. This document is a way to track net profit, gains and losses in a company, and is vital to be kept up to date and on hand. Some companies choose to do their profit and loss statements on a monthly basis, others on a 3 month basis, and some smaller businesses and home based businesses will only do one profit and loss statement per year. No matter how often these statements are made, they are important documents that need to be backed up and protected.


While it may be important for businesses to keep track of correspondence among employees, this can also be something vital for casual users and families to backup as well. With the use of a scanner, important personal documents like birthday cards and hand written letters can be backed up, assuring that they will not be lost, even if something was to happen to the physical hard copy. While it may not be the same as having the letter in hand, it is a safe alternative in case of emergency.

No matter what your goals are with backup software, there are many different types of documents and information to be stored. It is always a good idea not only to store the information to a backup drive, like an external hard drive as well as making an online backup, just in case. You can buy an external hard drive from Best Buy using a BestBuy coupon from to save money. Your document saving needs may change between your home and your office, but the need to protect and preserve your information and identity will always be present. That is why it is so important to find backup software that is worth the money, and trusted enough to protect the information that is most important to you.

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