How to Backup Time Sensitive Data in Small Office for Quick Restoration of Individual Files

Tue, Apr 07, 2015   07:23 PM

Handy Backup

These are many companies distributing a network of distant city clerk offices, backing up all data from these offices on a centralized base. This can be advantageous, as an administrator of an entire network plans and realizes the entire backup strategy.

The key problem of this approach can emerge when some user needs to restore a bit of personal time-sensitive data, for example, a project, a document or a script. Using alternative tools to backup time sensitive data and restore it individually gives a user freedom of actions.

The Quick Solution

Handy Backup provides a perfect tool for city clerks offices to restore individual files backed up within some time before, instead of a complete restoration from scheduled full backup.

Advantages of Handy Backup

The two key advantages of Handy Backup over most other backup tools are:

Automated backup of any popular data, including files, folders, databases, websites and other;

Users can access any backup data without restoration, because all data are kept in the native format and can be used or copied directly from the backup folder;

A possibility of setting up some backup tasks with different datasets and scheduling time, to “personalize” the particular backup content;

Time stamped backup, allowing keeping different versions of the same data set with clear marks of backup date and time.

Comfortable Storages: Where to Save Backups?

Implementation of the personal data backup scheme is very simple. These are network-oriented editions of Handy Backup, which we recommend for this case, to centralize data collection from a single network-administering computer.

For more simple infrastructures, user-level personal data may be kept on a single server or external shared drive, with an instance of Handy Backup able for collecting data from this media. This strategy can be realized even on the single personal computer!

Current versions of Handy Backup have a function of starting backing up to external USB drives when the appropriate external drive is attached to the computer. It can be very useful, for example, to collect data when some clerks go to the data center with their USB drives, to collect a backup.

Use Scheduled Full Backup

Full backup of all our data can be a bit slower and take much more place than differential or incremental backup. Therefore, you can always be sure you will find an actual copy of your data exactly needed with full backups performed on a regular basis.

The Basic Principle: Filtering by Extension

The principle is simple; any types of data, such as Visual Studio projects, Photoshop files, HTML pages or so, are collected by the “Computer” data option of Handy Backup, using the file filter tuned to some extensions or file names typical to these files. Handy Backup performs the regular, perhaps versioned, backup of these files to some data-keeping media publicly accessed by clients whose computers are backed up in such a way. Administrator also creates a restoration task returning the information to its place any time it required.

Backup Scheme for Small Branch Office

The Result: Quick Restoration and Simple Access to Backup Data

Any client may restore his or her personal data in a single moment, using the restoration task or just by opening it or by copying the backup file(s) from its destination to the client computer. Native data format allows immediate using of these files, as well as copying it by tools like Explorer.

This practice can save up to a few hours of worktime, as users can manually restore files or folders they need, instead of calling for central office to restoration from backup and then searching for the exact information needed.

The Simple Practice

1. Attach a network drive with scheduled full backups saved.

2. Find your personal folder.

3. Seek for a subfolder with the appropriate date and time stamped.

4. Open it, select file(s) and/or folder(s) you need, and copy it to your machine.

Congratulations! You just restore the required information from a regular backup manually, without calling for full restoration. Enjoy saved time and efforts!

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