Welcome to the Handy Backup Blog!

Alexander Rassokhin

“I joined Novosoft as a technical writer/copywriter, but after several months I decided that I can do more and started to work on SEO optimization of the official Handy Backup website. Since then I have gained quite an experience in software marketing, website building and Internet sales – and these are the main subjects of Handy Backup blog.

I want this blog to be useful for the widest audience, from the ones who are just learning about SEO to professional marketers. Sometimes I may be too wordy when trying to explain something, but I’ll do my best to make the materials and studies provided here worth your time.

Since English is not my first language, please consider any grammatical errors hereby as intentional, for comedic purposes solely:)

- A. R.”

Aleksey Dolgushev

Alexey Dolgushev’s favorite phrase is ”interconnection”.

He uses the expression so often and in such different circumstances, that the word is widely believed to mean something different in every particular situation Aleksey comes up with it in.

Nonetheless, hazy concept explanations he is notably fond of giving might be roughly summarized into the following.

Just like all the people on the Earth are joined to one another and Kevin Bacon in six handshakes, all the things happening in IT world are ultimately interconnected. So, speaking about, say, backup software is related to a motley range of issues (fancy research, business ethics, and International Women’s Day to name a few) so exciting that there is no actual chance not to discuss them.

Basically, making the things which you regard as important to you to be interesting and useful to others is what Aleksey sincerely believes this Handy Backup Blog is all about.