Benefits of Using Cloud Backup

Sun, Feb 10, 2013   09:23 PM

Ryan Corey of TrainACE has prepared an excellent article about pluses of using backup software for business, exclusively for readers of the Handy Backup blog.

With so much talk about the advantages of cloud backup and data recovery, no one should be missing out on cloud storage and what it has to offer. Cloud backup is a system by which businesses and private individuals can safely store their personal or company data on the Internet via a professional service provider. As the system utilizes an infrastructure that is already in place, backing up your information in this way is quick, effective and economical. Users simply need to choose the appropriate service provider that will best suit their needs.

Cloud backup offers a practical and efficient option for companies and private individuals who need an alternate backup system away from their home or business setting to store their important information. The system offers almost unlimited storage possibilities with different levels of service to meet both individual and business needs.

In the business world, backup services are a must for safe storage of valuable business information. Most businesses utilize local backup methods such as storing their information on an external hard drive or on tapes. These single tier backup systems are good, but not enough when it comes to protecting key information that is essential to the company’s survival. The following offers a clear picture of what you stand to gain by using backup services on the cloud.

Enhanced Security and Protection

Cloud backup services utilize high tech security measures to include the use of automatic encryption to ensure your vital information is well protected for the duration of your cloud storage. As such, you can count on your data being safe in a secure location away from rival companies who could cause harm.


Through reliable Internet service, cloud backup is always within feasible reach of you or your staff upon need. In the event alternative backup systems are damaged or lost, cloud backup recovery will enable your business to continue going strong.

Rapid Implementation

Cloud storage and recovery is a rapid and convenient process that can be completed anywhere, anytime, through the use of competent Internet facilities. Your choice of service provider will determine the level of service you receive in relation to your business needs.

Cost Effective Backup Storage

Because cloud backup utilizes an existing infrastructure, there is no need for you or your company to invest large sums of money to buy and install costly equipment to partake of cloud storage. Cloud software is specially designed to integrate with existing high tech environments, providing you with safe and secure backup at less expense.

Once your company has enacted a storage backup schedule, your data will be automatically stored at regular intervals, reducing administrative costs. The funds you save using cloud backup can then be invested in other company initiatives that can enhance business growth and expansion.

Every day companies generate an enormous quantity of data that needs to be safeguarded in a secure location. Over the years, cloud backup has proven to be a safe, secure, cost effective and reliable means of storing vital information to accomplish this purpose.

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TrainACE is a reputable computer training and IT certification company out of Greenbelt, Maryland, USA and offer many courses in cloud security.
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  1. Yoman says:

    What about the fact that there is no such thing as 100% up-time for aby cloud?

  2. awadesh pandey says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, your post related to online backup are really good and full of is help me a lot.

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