Top 10 Business Apps That Could Change Your Business In 2013

Fri, Feb 15, 2013   02:26 PM

James Mehow, software and PR guru, prepared a review on the best ultra advanced apps indispensable for the success of your business. No doubt, you`ll enjoy the article. By the way, friends, Handy Backup can be proud of the fact being one of the best apps for small business since received an appropriate title of a famous soft journal, PCMag.

There are many apps which a smartphone user can download from the App Store. In fact, the App Store approved its one millionth app in November 2012. Apps can also be downloaded onto the smartphones which employees have and there are many which can change your business in 2013.


If you want to host online meetings but you don’t know how this can be done on a budget, the Skype app can help. This is because meetings which are held between Skype accounts don’t cost anything. Even if the video camera on a phone isn’t working, you can still attend a meeting because text-based messages can be sent on Skype.


If you want to share documents very easily, you can via the Bump app. Not only can documents be shared between one smartphone and another but also photographs. If you want to send an image to a colleague, you can by using the Bump app.


Although fees do apply when PayPal is used to send money, this app can make the whole process of paying an invoice very simple. The fees which are charged by PayPal are typically less than a merchant account and you could save a lot of money if only it is used.


It can be difficult to manage your expenses. If an accountant submits a tax return to HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) on your behalf, accurate figures for your expenses are required. Photographs of expenses can be taken and saved on the Expensify app which can then be forwarded to your accountant.


Downloadable for the iPad, this app can connect to your Windows or Mac computer very quickly and you are able to access the files which are on there. If you forgot to transfer a file from a computer onto your iPad, the PocketCloud app can help because you can obtain a document after a couple of seconds.


Helping businesses to organise their daily schedule, the OmniFocus app can send reminders which detail your work. If a large task has to be done, this app can break it down into easily manageable chunks.


The LinkedIn app enables you to make connections with other businesses and potential clients. As your achievements are listed on LinkedIn, those who view it could accept your contact request or ask to get in touch with you.


When a business manages its bills, it won’t get into serious difficulty. After entering when each bill is due, the BillTracker app can tell you when they have to be paid by. Therefore, you won’t accrue late payment fees because all bills were paid on time.


The money which your employees spend can have an impact on profit margins. If you suspect that some members of your workforce are spending too much money, the Numbers app can help. Every time money is deducted from a business’s bank account, this app tells you via a reminder. As graphs and tables for all expenses can be created, they can be compared against each other.


An office assistant, you can do the same tasks on a desktop computer by using the Evernote app. Downloadable for many smartphones, you can create notes on the Evernote app. As the notes which are saved are easy to find, you can also track a document that has been created on the Evernote app and you can view it very quickly.

When a business is utilizing numerous business apps, over time it acquires a great deal of pivotal information. This work will be crucial to the success of your company; therefore it is of paramount importance to ensure that your files on your computer are backed up. A secure and simple product such as the handy back up standard package can help make certain that your computer’s files are stored safely.

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